• STEM EDUCATION. To promote STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) in our pilot schools.The simplest definition is what it stands for, which is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. At Odyssey Educational Foundation, Our ultimate goal of STEM education is to encourage students, the girl-child in particular to take an interest in STEM subjects e.g CS-FIRST, mobile App writing Robotics, coding, Scratch Programming and other science related disciplines at an early age. This should be beneficial to them when they enter the jobs market, and in turn it should benefit the greater economy.The organisation pursing these goals explored a variety of approaches such as smaller class sizes of 8 to 10 students/pupils with one-to-one pupil/computer ratio, inquiry-based teaching methodologies and an active partnership with technology businesses that provide real-world applications for STEM courses. We also made electronic textbooks, skype and video-conferencing an integral part of the educational experience as we also embark on outreach training event.However, innovative approaches are put in place as the STEM educational blueprint is paramount, integrating technology into the daily educational experience, specially trained teachers who know how to best present these  courses/subjects, inquiry-based interactive teaching methodologies and of course, a robust curriculum with adequate knowledge assessment practices. 


  • ROBOTICS TRAINING/COMPETITION  Robotics is the interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. At Odyssey Educational Foundation, we educate and train students of varying categories from different institutions about design, construction, operation and use of robots as well as computer systems for their control sensory feedback, and information processing and this play a vital role in developing them in critical thinking and innovative concept.These technologies are used to develop machines that can substitute for humans. Robots can be used in any situation to serve various practical purposes, whether domestically, commercially or military. Albeit the organisation focuses on elementary stages for kids, pupils and students. In line with our intervention programmes, the organisation in collaboration with CODERINA Africa annually organise a robotics competition among various schools which include Junior and Senior Secondary schools, most especially in the F.C.T Abuja. The competition is broaded into three stages;
    1. Presentation of topic task
    2. Core values
    • Robotics competition

    Robotics is also used in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as a teaching aid.

    Training/Teaching of Robotics in our central office and the various centres provided by our pilot schools in F.C.T and beyond.


  • SCRATCH/CODING. Teaching kids of different backgrounds elementary programming languages and how to run it.


  • MOBILE APP TECHNOLOGY. Mobile App Development is one of the Areas We specialize on.  We Train and Retrain Girls on how to develop  mobile applications that can solve problems in their environment and also design a Business Plan that can sell the Mobile App.


  • TRAINING PROGRAMME. Capacity building for teachers/Women to meet up with the 21th century learning.


  • LOGISTICS. For a smooth running of the organisational aims and objectives.


  • Kids-Teach-Kids (KTK) initiative. We intend to teach every kids not just how to code and program, but also how they can teach other kids how to code and program.